Virtual Reality Dancing

the ultimate vr rhythm game

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dance collider

Enter a futuristic world where dancers battle in secret underground competitions. Take on 8 characters from around the globe. They’re going to throw down some crazy dance moves to put you off your game, so be ready! Harness all your power to rise to the top of the leaderboards. With 32 kick ass songs, easy, normal and pro difficulties to master, it’s now time to level up your dance skills.


Full Release Coming Soon:

november 2nd



drifter scum…

From the alleyways of Tokyo to the streets of LA, Dance Collider pits you against the best renegade dancers the competition has to offer.



vr Song Editor

You can now create custom songs without having to leave your virtual headset. Load in any song you choose and start creating your own dances!!

Check out our version of Rage Against The Machine!


uriel lives

At the dawn of the 24th century, trans-humans are ‘nurtured’ by a super A.I. known as ‘Uriel’.

Dance Collider dance battles are part of a larger world we have created. Check out the link below to read the backstory of the Dance Collider universe.