Virtual Reality Dancing




welcome to the club!


In the 24th century Dance battles are next level!

Dance Collider is a dance and rhythm game for VR. Dance-off against eight unique characters each with their own music and dance style. Strike at incoming nodes to get your body moving. 


DANCE collider

the story so far

At the dawn of the 24th century, transhumans are ‘nurtured’ by a super A.I. known as ‘Uriel’. All forms of art and expression, considered wasted resources, have been outlawed for many centuries. 

On April 16, 2306 a piece of music known as ‘Collider’ transmitted across the neural network for 59 seconds. It temporarily blocked all of Uriel’s monitoring systems and sparked a revolution amongst the youth.

Underground communities shared and adapted the music and began expressing themselves with secret competitions. Known as ‘Dance Collider’, the best renegade dancers from around the world come together for the ultimate test of skill and endurance.





8 opponents to challenge

Dance-off against 8 contenders each with their own music and style.

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VR dance battles

Featuring 24 dance stages with Easy, Normal and Pro difficulty for all skill levels.



wicked beats

Original music composed by artist F-777, Jesse Valentine.