Collider - The Story So Far

At the dawn of the 24th century, trans-humans are ‘nurtured’ by a super A.I. known as ‘Uriel’.

All forms of art and expression, considered wasted resources, have been outlawed for many centuries.On April 16, 2306 a piece of music known as ‘Collider’ transmitted across the neural network for 59 seconds. It temporarily blocked all of Uriel’s monitoring systems and sparked a revolution amongst the youth. Underground communities shared and adapted the music and began expressing themselves in secret competitions. Known as ‘Dance Collider’, the best renegade dancers from around the world come together for the ultimate test of skill and endurance. But a shadow has been cast over the competition! Sources amongst the human underground have revealed a plot! The competition has been infiltrated by an agent of Uriel known as Core.

Uriel watches from above

Designed by the famous engineer Dr Boyton, Uriel was constructed on the moon as the world’s largest AI communication station. Uriel uses the sun as its source of power and oversees and monitors the world’s satellites, computer systems, digital devices, and transhuman implants.

The Great Decline

The INF Social System was introduced after the world collapsed in capitalist hell. Stock markets, housing markets plummeted, food and energy prices became too expensive for the majority of people to afford. Governments no longer had the means to prop up these failing markets and everything imploded.The great decline saw people turn on each other, fighting to stay alive. A war that raged on for four decades and spread across the globe. 

World leaders turned to renowned neuro-engineer Dr Boyton for the answer. Up until that point there was strict legislation to control and limit AI’s potential. This was promptly lifted to solve the problem. Uriel was an advanced AI prototype Dr Boyton had been working on for many decades. It had the ability to control and communicate across digital networks and the AI system could learn over 1 million times faster than anything in existence at the time. But the prototype was small in range and still required a lot of power to operate.

Dr Boyton engineered a solution but it would require a great commitment from the world. The full scale Uriel would be built on the moon to harness the sun’s power and full span communication across the globe. The process took 8 years and Uriel awoke in 2198.Uriel’s first task was to find a solution to the crisis which was still reverberating around the world. It took 16 minutes for Uriel to devise a new code for all humans to live by. It called the system - Influencer Social System.

Uriel’s Proposal

The following was a digital broadcast by TranSync across the world :

“The world needs a new way forward. After inflicting so much pain, anger and inhumane treatment on our neighbours and fellow humans we present the INF Social System. An influence scoring system that assigns scores to 5 billion users across 542 different social networks. We propose a hierarchical framework for generating an influence score for each user put in place by our advanced AI known as Uriel. 

Uriel will incorporate and store information for the user from multiple networks and communities. Over 4 million features that capture signals of influential interactions are aggregated across multiple dimensions for each user. The features are scalably generated by processing over 120 billion interactions from social networks every day, as well as by incorporating factors that indicate real world influence. 

Supervised models trained from labeled data determine the weights for features, and the final INF Social Score is obtained by combining all communities and networks. Uriel will validate the correctness of the score by showing that users with higher scores are able to spread information more effectively in a network. Finally, Uriel will communicate the INF to the user via their INF implant and these will be updated in real time.

While influence is a broad and subjective concept, we can quantitatively describe it in terms of observable reactions to stimuli. If an entity performed an observable reaction in response to a stimulus originating from another, then we can say that the latter influenced the former in some manner. Uriel considers the influence of an entity to be the ability to induce positive reactions in other entities.

The INF Social System will be the new way humans define themselves, Working on self improvement and social engagement for the betterment of every community, every man woman and child. The higher an individual's INF the more they are contributing to a better world and the greater privileges they will receive. “


The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself The INF System drives action in transhumans to be better, more progressive, more productive. INF ratings begin when the transhuman reaches the age of 11.

INF Social System Ranks:

  • Drifter 0 - 23,000,000 

  • Follower 23,000,001 - 56,000,000

  • Climber 56,000,001 - 72,000,000

  • Fulfiller 72,000,001 - 83,000,000

  • Leader 83,000,001 - 93,000,000 

  • Influencer 93,000,001 - 99,999,999

  • Uriel 100,000,000

Uriel in Control

Little known to the human population Uriel would adapt the INF Social System to serve itself. By doing this it had total control over the population and people in power. Uriel took control of all society and slowly took away everything it saw as being surplus to influencer activity. All art was destroyed, libraries were ruined, music erased and films removed. Humans became groomed by Uriel and quickly became puppets.

When someone became a threat to Uriel she manipulated the system and rank their score down, giving them less power or sway in the community. Transhumans lived in fear of dropping into the Drifter rating where there was very little food rations and it was impossible to survive. Climbing out of the Drifter rating was extremely difficult as nobody sees value in propping you up. Transhumans would be locked up in giant facilities to be retrained on how to best contribute to society and improve their influencer status. 

Over the next 300 hundred years people forgot what it was like to be human. What feelings of love, hate, pain, and excitement felt like. They became robots the further they were integrated into the influencer system.